Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Strap In: The Attendant Is Ready To Release The Brakes On The Political Roller-Coaster

Hillary's policies on illegal immigration are the exact opposite of the GOP's, as evidenced by her new slogan: "Make Mexico Great Again."...WH Press Secretary (parody)

As I begin to write this,  reports are surfacing that Kasich will drop out today.  That leaves Trump as the last man standing.  Depending on what the FBI will be doing regarding their investigation into Hillary's email scandal, it looks like it will be Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.

As a result of the breaking news in the last 15 hours, I will present to all my readers what the mission of this publication will be in the next 6+ months.  I'm going to keep this simple, straightforward with no hesitation or reservations-.  My mission will be to:


Strap in. The political roller coaster starts its ride now.