Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama & Presstitutes: Deploying The Diverters; GOP is Alive and Well; Fiscal Cliff: Wealthy Unloading Assets

Widening Petraeus Scandal Reveals Human Race Has Been Having Sex For 200,000 Years...The Onion

  • I'm not going to spend much time on the Petraeus fallout. The focus of this blog will continue to be on Benghazi. Just one observation regarding  the Petraeus scandal, this is what we now know: It appears everyone was banging each other. I leave this scandal to the Kardashian crowd considering most of the players in this scandal will probably have a reality show within a year.
  • I wonder how much more we would know if the presstitute media spent as much time on Benghazi as they have on this affair. This fallout has all been a convenient diversion from Benghazi for the administration.
  • Breaking Now: Petraeus will be testifying before Congress regarding Benghazi. Of course, some of the questions that need to be asked of him (he testified the attack was spontaneous and a response to a non-existent anti-Muslim film. He also made an unannounced trip to Libya last month to investigate the 9/11 attack on the embassy): What did you know and when did you know it? Did you brief the President? If not, why not? Did you brief  Hillary Clinton? If not, why not? Let's hope he gives them straight answers. It could be one way of redeeming himself. I suspect he will.
  • By the way, does anyone in America believe that the first time Pres. Obama heard about the Petraeus scandal was AFTER the election? If that's true, then this administration is way more incompetent than I could ever imagine.
  • Pres. Obama has a news conference today. We'll see if the Presstitutes press him on Benghazi. I doubt it.

  • Some of the post-election reviews by both Democrats and their enabling Republicans of why Romney lost are delusional. How many times have you read or heard remarks that the GOP is toast? Let's give these yo-yo's a brief history lesson. After Goldwater lost to LBJ in 1964, many proclaimed the conservative movement was history. Of course, less than two decades later, Ronald Reagan emerged. But let's look at recent history. In the 2010 mid-term elections, the GOP picked up 63 House seats. And the GOP picked up over 700 seats in state legislatures.  Republicans own 30 of 50 governorships. Even today, the GOP has a 40-seat majority in the U.S. House. So I say this to the critics and nay-sayers: you're wrong and history proves you are wrong.

  • And how successful does anyone believe the Dems will be in the long run when Obama had voters like the guy above?
  • Yesterday, Obama invited all of the Progressive (meaning Socialists) union heads to the White House. He owes them big time considering their total contributions($112M) in 2011-2012 election cycles largely went to Democrats (OpenSecrets). They want card check and they want the wealthy to be taxed more (even though all union heads make a nice buck).
  • The budget deficit rose 22%. So much for keeping another promise by Obama (he promised the budget deficit would be cut in half before his first term ends).
  • From 2006-2008, Hamas rained over 8000 rockets into Israel. The rockets have no guidance systems. Since last Saturday, Hamas sent 160rockets into Israel. Living on the Gaza border (Southern Israel) is like playing Russian roulette every day.

  • CNBC is reporting the wealthy are unloading their assets because of the impending fiscal cliff and higher tax rates. Fear appears to be driving most of the sales even if we avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

  • The above nation's knucklehead just announced she will continue as minority house leader.