Thursday, November 15, 2012

Obama's Reveals Yet Again His Arrogance, Petulance, Evasiveness; More ObamaCare Fallout; Israel Unleashed Hell

Needy Nation Breaks Down After First Full Week Without Being Pandered To By Politicians...The Onion

  • It didn't take long for America to witness what many Americans witnessed in the debates regarding Pres. Obama's personality. In his first press conference in 8 months (he actually met with his union cronies the day before. Meaning, he met with his big money people before he addressed the nation), he was arrogant, petulant, evasive, and contentious. For example, when at least one reporter had the guts to ask Obama about Benghazi and UN Ambassador Susan Rice touting her false narrative about the attack, he bristled and said, "If they want to go after somebody, they should go after me." Juvenile . So much for his promise at being bi-partisan.
  • Obama also appeared more upset when asked about Rice than about what happened at Benghazi where 4 Americans were murdered.
  • Even more disturbing, he evaded the question about Benghazi and the lack of security at the mission.
  • And, almost just as pathetic, was the performance of the presstitute corps. Some actually fawned over him. They were spoken to by Pres. Obama . And when the president danced around questions, they all failed to take him to task. And to think, they had to wait 8 months for a press conference and failed to ask any tough questions. For example one question I would have asked: When did you FIRST learn the FBI was investigating the CIA? Why didn't we know about these attacks before they happened when on-ground security personnel, including Amb. Stevens, warned of impending attacks? (there were many prior to the 9/11 attack). Why was additional security turned down when requested by in-country security personnel? Why did the administration continue to use the anti-Muslim film as the reason for the attacks when they already knew otherwise (that it was a terrorist attack)?
  • Why didn't any reporter ask the president: Where the hell has Hillary Clinton, the Sect. of State, been all this time?
  • After all of the talk at the press conference, we learned nothing more about Benghazi.
  • Speaking of this scandal, news is now breaking that the FBI found classified information on Paula Broadwell's computer.
  • There will be 3 separate hearings in Congress regarding Benghazi including one by Petraeus.

  • Another issue that must be addressed has to do with the reports of all these ethical failures by our highest senior military officers. In just the last three weeks (including Petraeus), there have been three other high ranking officers found not acting like officers and gentlemen.  Gen. John Allen was drawn into the Petraeus scandal.  Earlier this week, Gen. William Ward, former head of the Africa Command, lost a star and was fined $82 grand for cheating on government travel (if he was an enlisted man, he would have been dishonorably discharged and probably be facing jail time). Just yesterday, the Air Force announced the revamping of basic training because 23 instructors allegedly engaged in inappropriate or coercive sexual relationships with 48 recruits at Lackland AFB. NY Post & USA TODAY
  • Add to these incidents, the incidents involving the inappropriate behavior of some of the Secret Service personnel, one has to question leadership from the top---the very top.
  • All of this could not have come at a worse time for the administration considering the Middle East is now imploding.
  • Last week, there were countless reports of many companies planning on employee layoffs ( over 50 in just the last week as reported by Daily Job Cuts),  and employee hourly cutbacks because of the burden ObamaCare already placed on businesses.  Today, Denny's announced a 5% surcharge to cover the cost of ObamaCare. UK Daily Mail
  • And the Post Office, another government run agency, announced it lost a record $15.9 billion.
  • First time job claims jumped 79,000 last week to 439,000. The highest number in 18 months. The presstitutes are spinning it and blaming the rise on hurricane Sandy.
  • So, since Obama was re-elected last week, we have the largest jump in unemployment claims in almost 2 years, the stock market lost over 600 pts, and over 50 companies announced layoffs. Great start.

  • There is good news. After over 160 rockets fell on Southern Israel from Gaza in just the last week (from 2006-2008: over 8000 rained on Israel), and Israeli air strike  whacked Hamas military chief Ahmed al-Jaabari. This prick led many terrorist attacks on Israel including attacking school buses.
  • What do Americans feel are extremely important that Pres. Obama should take on?  According to a USA/Gallup survey of 1,0009 adults ending Nov. 12, Americans want him to focus on the economy first. Secondly, they want him to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons. And coming in third, protecting Social Security and Medicare. So where does taxing those making over $250k a year fall? It came in 9th out of 12 survey questions (for Democrats who were asked the same question, it came in 7th).