Friday, November 16, 2012

Will Gen. Petraeus Find Some Redemption Today?; Israel Must Unleash Hell; Unions Kill Their Host: Twinkies; Layoffs & Company Closures Continue; Texas Veterans Save Their Wives And Girlfriends in Train-Parade Float Accident

5-Year Old Feels Like She Just Wasted Whole Carousel Ride Waving To Dad...The Onion

  • This morning,  Gen. David Petraeus snuck into the Capital to testify to the House Intelligence Committee. He will be giving his first closed-door testimony regarding the attack in Benghazi since he resigned as CIA Director. It is expected he will tell the committee he knew "almost immediately" the attack at the U.S. mission was a terrorist attack. It's not what he told the Congressional Committee on Sept. 14,  2012. Then he towed the administration's false narrative that the attack was "spontaneous" and a response to the anti-Muslim film (which about 3 people in the world actually viewed). Perhaps Petraeus will find some redemption today. I fully expect him to tell the truth.
  • Letter to the Editor in NY Post today: "The former CIA leader doesn't appear very intelligent, his mistriss is spilling secrets, the FBI couldn't get into Libya to investigate the attack (at Benghazi) and Hillary Clinton was seen in Australia. Iran must be shaking in its boots." Tom Hoy
  • Israel must unleash hell on Hamas. In just the last week, Hamas has now fired over 500 rockets into Southern Israel killing several children. This year alone, over 1000 rockets rained on Southern Israel from Gaza. Israelis have exactly 15 seconds to find cover when their "Red Alert" sirens wail. Put yourself in a similar position. Israelis have no other alternative but to respond to these terrorist attacks.

  • Well, I hope you stocked up on Twinkies and Ding Dongs. It appears Hostess is going out of business today.The unions killed their host.  It appears the unions refused to negotiate. The closings will include 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers and 570 outlets.
  • JobCuts.Com reported 7 companies announced layoffs today. Yesterday about 15 announced planned layoffs including P&G.  Earlier they announced almost 6000 non-manufacturing jobs would be lost. In the last 2 days, JobCuts also reported about 23 companies closed.
  • Behind this news, SEARS holdings reported a net loss of $500 million compared to a net loss of $410 million last year. And the Postal Service reported a loss of about $16 billion.
  • Many of you probably never heard of a guy by the name of Alan Hevesi. He is the disgraced former NYS Comptroller.  He's also currently in jail for corruption and will be paroled soon. He will also continue receiving almost $170K from two public pensions.

  • But you should remember the name Sgt. Joshua Michael (pictured above). He, along with 4 other people, was killed yesterday when a train slammed into his parade float in Midland, Texas. Before the train hit, he saved his wife. She was not hurt in the crash. Sgt. Joshua Michael was an Iraq War veteran and a recipient of two Purple Hearts. RIP to a real hero.

  • Reports from the scene say the other veterans shoved their spouses and girlfriends out of the way before the train hit the parade float.