Monday, December 31, 2012

If Fiscal Cliff Is Not Averted: What Happens Tomorrow?; United Federation of Teachers Dues: Where Did They Go?; OWS Thug Busted With Weapons & Bomb Making Equipment; Happy New Year To All: Remember The Benghazi Four

Man Has Such Good Friends They'll Let Him Drink Himself to Death Right Before Their Eyes...The Onion

  • So if our yo-yo congress men and women fail to reach an agreement on the "fiscal cliff" negotiations, what can you expect? For one, Bush tax cuts will expire immediately resulting in an average increase of over $1,000 per household. Estate taxes jump from 35 to 55% on $1 million or more. As many as 27 million Americans will be affected by the Alternative Minimum Tax. $75 Billion worth of business tax breaks expire. Social Security payroll tax jumps from 4.2 to 6.2%.  Payments to Medicare providers are immediately cut by 27%. Over 2 million stop getting unemployment relief.
  • Yesterday "Negotiations crumbled...when Harry Reid declined to respond to McConnel's latest counteroffer..." USA Today
  • Everything, including the federal budget, languishes in the Senate because of Harry Reid. Ideas die in the Senate.
  • But then again---they might reach some type of agreement. But remember, half of the country voted for this nonsense. Forbes, NY Post
  • Regardless of what happens, the Obama administration will still borrow 40 cents of every dollar or over $4B each day. In addition, many ObamaCare taxes also kick in.
  • Regarding ObamaCare, a piece in USA Today reported that employers will be doing less hiring in 2013 because of the law.  Under the law, employers with over 50 employees will be required to provide health insurance to staff. In response, they plan on trimming full-timers. Employers who fail to do so will be hit with a $2000 fine per employees, exluding the first 30 employees.
  • The fact is the country went over the fiscal cliff the day Pres. Obama was elected.

  • The United Federation of Teachers spent over $166 million last year. So where did that money go? Over $33million went to staff salaries. The head of the union makes $275K a year. They also spent over a mil in catering services in addition to over $1 million for conferences.  And get the duct tape out, they gave that fake, phony and fraud, Al Sharpton's non-profit, over $50 grand. In addition, they gave the group that succeeded ACORN $400,000. Dues are almost $50 semimonthly. UFT filings
  • The NYPD busted a Occupy Wall Street thug and his girlfriend yesterday. In the prick's apartment they found  a cache of weapons and bomb making explosives. NY Post
  • A French court ruled the government cannot impose a 75% tax on the wealthy.
  • There will be 400 new laws tomorrow. Last year, states passed over 29,000 new laws. In the last 90 days, the feds passed almost 6000 new regulations.

    Remember The Benghazi Four!