Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hypocrisy Of The Armed Political Left; How Incompetent Is Our Government?; Where's The Bloviating Left Now?; Job Growth Up 23%---In Cuba; RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf

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  • Regarding the debate on gun control, one clear fact has emerged: Many on the political Left---who are vocally opposed to American owning legal firearms-- are also armed. For example, let's just look at recent news.  Michael Moore, the big, fat bloviating prick of the Left, has long been opposed to gun ownership. Two weeks ago, his personal bodyguard was arrested for carrying an UNLICENSED firearm at JFK airport. The fact is many on the Left either carry concealed themselves, have armed security personnel or live behind fortresses. In many cases, they have all three. In other words, the biggest hypocrites in this gun debate are on the Left not on the Right.

  • Earlier this week, we reported on the debate regarding armed guards or security personnel in schools. Again, many on the Left (and some conservatives) oppose having armed security in our schools even though 23,000 schools already do so. In fact, Utah has allowed teachers to carry concealed weapons on K-12 campuses for over 12 years without an incident (USA Today). Former Pres. Clinton himself proposed a national program called, "COPS in Schools." A well-trained armed person can act as a deterrent. If that's not true, then why do we have police officers patrolling our streets or armed security in banks? We protect our money. Why don't we protect our children?
  • If there is any evidence of the incompetence of our government, the fact that they wait to the 11th hour to try to reconcile the fiscal cliff mess is just one glaring example. Think about it. The consequences of whatever decisions are made will directly affect almost every single American. And, as I write this, reports are that expectations are "low" for any deal.
  • Don't look now but there's another fiscal cliff looming. The International Longshoreman's Union is threatening a strike this weekend. These are dockworkers who work with national and international cargo.  In 2002, when the union struck the West Coast, the losses to the economy were $1B per day. This strike is targeting the East Coast.  Total goods handled in 2011 where the current strike is targeting: $208B. NY Post
  • When Pres. George W. Bush started the warrantless surveillance program in response to 9/11, the Left wanted him impeached. Today, Congress extended that law.
  • There is some good economic news. Private sector jobs have increased 23% in 2012. But there's just one caveat to this good news. The job growth occurred in Cuba. How did they do it? The cut spending. Reuters News

  • RIP General "Stormin" Normal Schwarzkfopf. Gen. Schwarzkopf died yesterday. He was 78. Most Americans know the outstanding job the General did during the First Gulf War. But did you know he earned three Silver Stars for valor in Vietnam. He was also awared a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.  In addition, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.