Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Progressive Hypocrisy Manifests Itself Yet Again; The Death of Political Comedy: Cowards; Union Bigs Salaries Range From $170k-$600K Per Year

Obama Paranoid Government Is Coming After His Guns...The Onion

  • Progressive hypocrisy knows no bounds. Google has been a long time supporter of Obama. In 2008, its CEO put his full weight behind the Obama, the candidate. They've also donated money to Obama's campaign. Nothing wrong with that. It's their money and their prerogative. But in supporting Obama, one must conclude they also support the president's tax agenda; namely, taxing the wealthy. Why do I bring this up?  Bloomberg News is now reporting that Google sheltered its vast wealth in no-tax Bermuda---up to $10 billion. By doing so, they were able to avoid over $2 billion in world-wide taxes. Again, like any other corporation, it's perfectly legal. Nevertheless, it's the height of hypocrisy.

  • And if that's not enough. USA Today is reporting Fannie and Freddie executives are very highly paid. Again, on its surface, there's nothing wrong with executive getting well compensated. But taxpayers bailed these pricks out to the tune of $170 billion. And what do they do? They turn around and compensate 2,000 senior managers about $200 grand per year.
  • I've often written about the death of real journalism. The presstitutes took over around the time of the Clinton administration. We're also witnessing the death of political comedy. And no where is this in more evidence than the late night comics. Occasionally, they will take some shots at Obama (Leno will do some jokes. I've used them myself). But if you look at their routines, Republicans are overwhelmingly the targets of their jokes. These cowards are still making jokes about Romney and Sarah Palin. Even SNL, who has an Obama character, rarely takes shots at Obama. Instead, they take shots at those surrounding Obama. Even the satirical Onion, a publication I read often, ran pieces overwhelmingly about Romney in the last campaign. Very disappointing for a publication that should have few boundaries when it comes to political satire.
  • Then perhaps this should not surprise anyone. It's Democrats and Lefties who raise their politicians to the level of saviors as evidenced with Obama in the last four years. And recall what they always refer to when it comes to the Kennedy's: Camelot. Both myths.

  • We're watching Michigan union members rallying against MI become a right-to-work state. Keep this in mind. This is more about money. Union dues bring in a lot of it especially for union big shots.  For example, the Center for Public Integrity found salaries for union head-honchos of the 10 largest unions ranged from $173K to over $600k (more than the president of the U.S. makes). States are learning that right-to-work is also a boon to their economies. Right-to-work states have higher employment rates. Just take a look at what's been happening in the Dakota's. Their unemployment rates are below 4%. In fact, the Mackinac Center, a Michigan think tank, reported recently that Indiana, a right-to-work state, added 43,000 jobs while Michigan lost almost 8000, all in manufacturing.
  • Investor's Business Daily is reporting today that the federal government is hiring over 100 people a day.  The federal workforce now stands at 2.2 million. When all government workers are added (local, state and federal), there are over 20 million. The average salary for a federal worker is now $82k per year, $32K more than the average worker gets in the private sector. So now do you know why they want to raise our taxes?
  • If you want to see how well liberal Democrats manage their states, all you have to look at are: CA, Ill and NY. And cities run by Democrats for years are all failing in every sector: schools, budgets, crime and safety, overall quality of life, etc.
  • Detroit public schools are reporting only 7% of 8th graders are proficient in reading.
  • Speaking of schools, USA Today is reporting today that all of these green initiatives taking place in making schools environmentally friendly are long on promises but short on delivery. In fact, many of these schools are ranking low in terms of saving on energy costs.