Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Right To Work Means Freedom & Choice; Right to Work Employees Enjoy More Purchasing Power; Mali Becoming al-Qaeda's New Base; ObamaCare Surprises; 12/12/12

Slovenian 8th-Graders Surprised Even They Outperformed U.S. Students In Science...The Onion

  • Before I begin, yesterday I wrote a piece about the "death of political comedy," pointing out how many comics don't take on Pres. Obama. I just checked the late night shows, there were still 4 or 5 jokes about Romney and one about Perry. As I also wrote yesterday, most of today's political comics are cowards.
  • Let's be clear about what happened in Michigan yesterday (excluding the violence by some of the union thugs), collective bargaining remains. The only change involves freedom and choice for workers. Now in Michigan, as in 23 other Right to Work states, it simply means workers are now free whether they want to join a union or not. It means workers cannot be "forced" to pay union dues.
  • In short, it is now illegal in MI to require financial support of a union as a condition of employment. That equals freedom of choice.
  • Why does the left always resort to violence when they don't get what they want or when they lose? For example, as in political debates, when they lose a political debate---they resort to calling one a racist.

  • Right to Work laws have little to do with economics, but a lot to do with politics. Those union dues largely get funneled into Democrat pockets, lobbying and union executive salaries (ranging from about $170k to over $600K a year among the top ten unions in the nation). OpenSecrets
  • On the other hand, Right to Work laws help employees to a great degree. The University of Colorado reported that in Right to Work states, households enjoy over $4000 more in purchasing power than in non-Right to Work states. In addition, the Bureau of Economic Analysis found that employment grew an average of 12.5% in Right to Work states compared to non-Right to Work states. In addition, Right to Work states residents have an average disposable income of $36,900 compared to NY State, a non-Right to Work state, where average disposable income is $32,800. NY Post
  • While I'm on Michigan (a state I resided in myself for 3 years), more bad news coming out of Detroit (yesterday it was reported only 7% of Detroit's 8th graders were proficient in reading), almost 35% of residents in Detroit are now on food stamps. Also, 257,000 Detroiters 16 or older, are out of work.
  • Mali, in west Africa (bordered by Algeria and Niger) is now considered the new base for al-Qaeda. Heritage Foundation
  • In ObamaCare there are some surprises. For example, if you sell your home and make a profit, you'll likely be paying a new 3.8% tax on the gain. In 2014, when you file you taxes, you will have to show proof that you are enrolled in a health care plan approved by the feds. And, for the first time in American history, the feds will control how doctors treat privately insured patients. So enjoy. Betsy McCaughey, author of "Decoding the Obama Health Law," is former Lt. Gov. of NY State.

  • Today is 12.12.12. For those who are fascinated by numbers, the following QB's had 12 as a number: Terry Bradshaw (for the only 6 time Super Bowl Champs, Pittsburgh Steelers--hooah!), Tom Brady, Jim Kelly (Hall of Fame great, Bills), Joe Namath, Aaron Rodgers, Kenny "Snake" Stabler and Roger Staubach. So if you plan on playing ball, consider #12, looks like a lucky number to me.