Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama's Leadership Failure Leads To Rogue Behavior By Subordinates; "We'll Need A Lot Of Sunshine To Disinfect This Rot"

Sasha Obama Suspicious After Doing A Little Digging Around On Benghazi...The Onion

  • Last week, I wrote a piece about how Obama's "Leading From Behind" leaves a leaderless nation. At that time, I didn't go far enough. With the current reports about the apparent abuse of power by this administration as they relate to the IRS and AP revelations, it's clear that "leading from behind" also results in rogue behavior by subordinates. We've not only seen this behavior countless times from the corruption of state and local governments, rogue police behavior in some police departments (LA + NOPD) and rogue behavior on Wall Street. Most of these stemming from poor leadership at the top.
  • At this point in time, there is no clear evidence that Pres. Obama ordered any of these actions (IRS targeting ONLY conservative groups and the Justice Department's intrusive actions into reporters working at AP as well as the Benghazi cover up). But even if ("if," the administration's favorite word these days) the president had no knowledge of these conspicuous abusive actions, it's becoming increasingly clear there is an atmosphere of incompetence, corruption and arrogance (something I've written about often).
  • And this is not only my opinion. In USA TODAY's editorial, in their piece entitled, "Quest To Plug Leaks Yields Torrent Of Abuse," they ended it with the following:" This administration needs some hard thinking about abuse of power." That sentence makes it clear they also believe there's been an abusive of power in the administration (Of course, this comes after years of protecting this administration. They are late to the dance, but, fortunately, they have a lot of ink).
  • Just as disturbing is the lack of any accountability  and transparency by this administration. Although they now will be forced to be held more accountable, don't count on it continuing.
  • So it now appears the damn has broken (after years of the presstitutes being asleep), but the outcome is still not clear. What we do know is what Michael Goodwin wrote today: "For those of us not shocked by the inevitable, there is a vindication but no satisfaction. Each example of Obama's chickens coming home to roost just makes more obvious how much damage he's already done." Goodwin ends his piece with this: "We'll need a lot of sunshine to disinfect this rot."
  • By the way, I also contend all of the news we've been hearing about sexual harassment and abuse of women in the military, is also a symptom of poor leadership by the Commander in Chief. Sexual assaults increased by 35% from 2010 to 2012.