Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Election Outcomes: Obamacare Lost + NYC Decided To Dance With The Devil + A Christie Blunder?

Chris Christie Dreaming About 72-Inch Springsteen Sub...The Onion

  • Terry McAuliffe, supported by the Clintons, Obama, Biden and a host of other leading progressive Democrats, barely beats a guy---Ken Cuccinelli---who was outspent by a factor of 4-1 or $15M, was abandoned by the Republican Party (once again, exhibiting their fecklessness for the nation to see) and was down double-digits in some polls. So what happened? McAuliffe almost lost because Cuccinelli did not support Obamacare. In fact, if the election were held next week, McAuliffe would have lost.

  • New Yorkers, on the other hand, decided on electing a mayor who is left of Castro. This is a guy who described himself as an advocate of "democratic socialism" (code for Marxist). So NYC, after 20 years of Republican leadership that took the city out of the toilet to prosperity and unprecedented safety, New Yorkers elected a guy who vowed to retreat to the middle ages of John Lindsay and David Dinkins. As Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote today, "Obama and de Blasio are red-diaper babies...Both changed their names and expressed enduring interest in anti-American radicals---Obama learned from Bill Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright while de Blasio cheered the Sandinistas and Fidel Castro (you can read about de Blasio's background in my piece of Sept. 24, 2013---"Why Americans Should Follow The NYC Mayoral Race: Will NY Make The Same Mistake The Nation Made In 2008?"). In fact, Goodwin ends his piece with this: "Just remember, you've been warned that de Blasio will do for NY what Obama is doing to the nation."

  • And Chris Christie? I believe he blew an opportunity. He should have campaigned for Cuccinnelli in VA. What did he have to lose (including some more weight)? Christie would have blow out his opponent anyway? (he won by a margin of 2-1, a landslide).

  • One outcome is certain. All three races will have major national ramifications for the future of both parties. Obamacare will continue to haunt Democrats. Christie will continue to haunt Republicans and Democrats. And at least in two of the races---VA and NYC---voters decided, once again, to dance with the devil.