Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Republican Party Remains An Illusion: Who Will Bring It Back To Reality?

The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing me I had quarters in my ears. Or maybe that was Grandpa...David Burge Tweet

  • I've taken the Republican Party to task on several occasions (Yes, I'm more critical of Democrats. I've also been aggressive against Progressives + Statists, both Democrats + Republicans, because they deserve it. In addition, I firmly believe they are dangerous. History is replete with countless examples).
  • But the Republicans have a larger problem. They remain an illusion, a mirage. Time and again, as evidenced with Cuccinelli's loss this week, they remain spineless and ineffectual. For example, where was their support for Cuccinelli? It was conspicuous by its absence.
  • This is a Republican Party that lost an election (2012) to an incumbent who had one of the worst records of any incumbent in American history (one might argue, worse than even Jimmy Carter's). Yet, anytime the Obama administration is on the ropes---as it is now with the Obamacare disaster---Republicans are unable to throw the knockout punch. In fact, it's hard to throw a knockout punch when you don't even step into the ring.
  • With the Cuccinelli race, there was one Republican who could have delivered the knockout of McAuliffe---Chris Christie. I am convinced---as are other observers---if Christie had bothered to show up for Cuccinelli just one or two times in the closing weeks of the campaign, Cuccinelli would have been victorious. Yet, Christie remained in the Garden State listening to Springsteen oldies and taking strolls on Jersey Shore beaches with constitutents. Christie was in absolutely no danger of losing that election to a lightweight (pun intended) if he showed support for his Republican brother in Virginia. Garden State voters had already made up their mind about Christie months ago.

  • But Christie's absence is Virginia was very telling. I contend, if he really is the "rebel" the media portrays him to be, he would have made at least one appearance for Cuccinelli. Yet, he failed to do so. And he failed to do so because he's really part of the Republican elite establishment. While he might not meet the definition of a progressive (he actually governs as a conservative), he appears to be a guy who wants to be a member of the Republican country club crowd. In fact, prior to this past election, he was also the darling of the Democrat and media elites. I have a message for guys like Christie. It's one name: John McCain. In other words, Christie will remain the darling of the Democrat and media elites only as long as they have any use for him.
  • So who are the men and women out there who can bring the Republican Party back to reality?   While Christie remains the choice for the media and elite Republicans today, I'd also lean toward Republicans like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Scott Walker,  Rand Paul, Nikki Haley, Scott Brown, Susanna Martinez, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Allen West and Marco Rubio if he can resurrect and distance himself from his amnesty comments last year.
  • Then again, who knows who will really emerge? I remind you of names like Obama, Bill Clinton and Carter just to name a few who suddenly appeared on the national political stage like rabbits from a magician's hat.

  • One fact is clear. Unless Republicans return to their conservative roots, they might as well stay out of the political boxing ring. Perhaps they need a lesson from Muhammad Ali. It's time they learn how to fly like a butterfly and sting like a been.