Wednesday, December 11, 2013

John Podesta's Hiring Should Be Chilling For The Republic

Sebilius is like the old lady who goes to the casino, losses $500.00 at the slots, then talks about the one spin that paid $10.00...David Burge Tweet today

  • Most Americans probably don't know John Podesta from Nicky "Two Fingers" who lives in a row-home somewhere in South Philly. But they should. I'm not going to bore you with his autobiography which includes his being the current Chair of The Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank (I laughed when I just wrote that) or his stint as Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff.  That's not important. What is important is how the Obama administration plans on using Podesta.  So it's time for context.
  • To give you a taste, this is from the Politico today in their piece, "John Podesta Hire Signals A More Aggressive White House." More aggressive White House?  How much more aggressive can this administration become than transforming the presidency into an imperial one (take a moment to read a previous post several days ago where I make that claim).
  • Nevertheless, Podesta's hiring should send a chill down every American's back. Politico wrote this regarding his hiring: "It also signals a more aggressive focus by the White House on using executive authority to circumvent Congress in the final three years of the administration." Get it? To circumvent Congress.
  • Executive Orders are nothing new for this president, or, for that matter, any previous presidents. There have been several presidents who have actually issued several thousand executive orders during their tenures. Some have been good such as Truman's integration of the armed forces and Ike's desegregation of public schools to the disturbing including FDR's sending Japanese-Americans to interment camps during WWII.
  • However, when one considers Pres. Obama's promise of "fundamentally transforming America," and Michelle Obama's declaration in 2008 that "He's going to demand that you shed your cynicism...Barack will never allow you to live your lives as usual," the executive orders come into very disturbing perspective. Combine these assertions with the pain and misery imposed by this administration upon the American people in the last five years, our liberties and freedoms are about to take additional hits.
  • Every major poll in the last 3 weeks has shown that Pres. Obama's approval and trustworthiness have been falling sharply. Using executive authority to further circumvent Congress will certainly not help in repairing those perceptions no matter who the administration hires.