Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obama's Transformation: The Making Of An Imperial Presidency

Obama Has That Sex Dream About Nation Again...The Onion

  • Perhaps so many Americans were in awe of the Obama's in 2008, they failed to notice one major red flag.  It was in a speech given by Michelle Obama at UCLA that year. In that speech she actually said this: "Barack will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism... Barack will never allow you to live your lives as usual." At the time, I wrote that no where in the Constitution does it say the president can demand or allow us to shed our cynicism or never allow us to lead our lives as usual.
  • If you take that quote in the context of what he the president said himself five days prior to the November 2008 election---"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America,"---it should surprise no one he meant transforming the presidency into an imperious one.
  • We've witnessed this transformation in the last five years culminating in the passage and implementation of Obamacare---essentially demanding all Americans have insurance, a demand not found in the Constitution.
  • We've also watched as the Obama administration skirted immigration laws by declaring he would not enforce immigration laws against certain illegal immigrants. With the Fast and Furious scandal, he exercised executive privilege to protect Eric Holder (Holder was held in contempt of Congress for failing to hand over documents related to Fast and Furious. Unfortunately, that contempt citation lacks any enforcement). And more recently, Pres. Obama violated his own Obamacare law when he delayed the employer mandate. Notice the word chosen?---it's a mandate. Yet he chose not to enforce the provision of that law. Once again, he skirted the law.  In addition, there have been exemptions given to thousands. Yesterday it was reported Sen. Harry Reid, the most miserable prick in the Senate, exempted some of his staff from Obamacare. And he's not the only one. Exemptions and waivers to the law have been given out like candy at Halloween. Unions alone have received 40% of the total exemptions (Labor Union Report).
  • Just as disturbing, this administration is using regulatory agencies like the EPA to by-pass the Constitution. Under our Constitution, only the U.S. Congress has the power to write laws that are legally binding on the general public. In the last 90 days alone, the feds posted just under 6,000 new regulations (
  • As we reported here several months ago, Pres. Obama rarely meets with his cabinet, and he's also estranged from his military commanders. So today's latest report should surprise no one. Townhall reported that Obama met with Sebelius only one time in the last 3 years (Sebelius has been directly responsible for rolling out Obamacare).
  • The knee-pad media doesn't get a pass from all of this either. Journalism is suppose to keep our government on its toes. They've failed miserably in that mission. One can argue they've protected and enabled this administration during the "transformation." In fact, they assisted the administration again today by helping them divert attention from the Obamacare disaster to income inequality and living wage issues. Have you noticed this administration rarely, if ever, speaks about income opportunity?
  • The fact is Pres. Obama, as a presidential candidate, telegraphed his intention before he became president. Unfortunately for the nation---too many Americans embraced the cult of Obama as he even conned them.