Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Three Card Monty Administration

English Professor Suddenly Realizes Students Will Believe Literally Anything She Says...The Onion

  • The Onion could have written that headline several years ago for the Obama administration and its enablers in the media. Fortunately, more Americans now know they've been deceived on a number of fronts from Obamacare to domestic polices to foreign policies to countless broken promises.
  • Yet, even with all of this evidence, the Obama administration and the political class continue to play 3 Card Monty with Americans. And, like those who play 3 Card Monty on the sidewalks of the nation's urban areas, those Americans still remain suckers.

  • Starting with the 2008 campaign and continuing into the 2013 campaign, Obama and the political class were still able to con many Americans including those who voted for them. For example, many of the poor voted for Obama, yet poverty remains at some of the highest levels in our history (Heritage reported that 100M Americans receive aid from the government at an average cost per recipient of $9,000. That's 100M people out of a population of almost 317M. Heritage also reported we've spent over $21T on the "War on Poverty." In the 1960's, 24% of black women had children outside of marriage. Today that number is close to 70%. We know the consequences of broken families. The outcome is often poverty ).  But the con game with poverty isn't with how much we're spending but how we're spending it. Jonah Golberg of National Review recently pointed out that those in poverty over 50 years ago actually were no strangers to hunger. Today, one of the biggest problems facing the poor is: obesity.
  • Most blacks voted for Obama as their unemployment rate remains twice that of whites. As reported last week by the Department of Labor, we now have 92M Americans who have dropped out of the workforce---numbers we have not seen in decades. In addition, of those who are employed, many are now working part-time jobs. In other words, it's become a part-time employment economy. And many of those young voters who voted for Obama are now faced with trying to lasso good jobs (1 in 2 can't), but they also are burdened with high premiums under Obamacare as well as bone-crushing college loan debt.
  • Another classic bait and switch example includes the debate over raising the minimum wage. While the progressive political class keeps lecturing us on how important it is to raise it, only 3% of the entire workforce earns a minimum wage. Moreover, half of those earning minimum wage are students and part-time employees from households with average incomes of $53,000. (George Will).
  • Over the last 5 years, we've seen this con game played out with Obamacare, the debt ceiling, the government shutdown, Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, with foreign policy (especially regarding Syria) and in broken promises.
  • Yet---all too often---many Americans continue to pick the wrong playing card---they continue playing a game they cannot win.
Postscript: since this was posted, Obama administration policies have hurt Blacks, Hispanics, young people and single women the most---the very same voting blocks that voted for him overwhelmingly.