Thursday, September 25, 2014

From The Myth Of The Arab Spring To The Burning Embers Of Autumn

The president is concluding his day by attending a private NY fundraiser. You've got to admire a president who can't be distracted...WH Press Secretary

  • In the last two weeks, I penned two pieces specific to the threats we're facing from terrorism. I reminded readers the enemy is already within {9/15/14 "The Enemy Is Already Within."}. In it, I listed many of the terrorist attacks against Americans in just the last two decades that began with the 1993 first WTC attack (there were attacks against Americans well before 1993).
  • I followed that up with a piece entitled, "How Will Obama's Media Cover Obama's War." (9/23/2014). In that piece, I offered up questions that were directed at George W. Bush during his tenure, and whether the media would be asking Pres. Obama some of the same questions. For example, what is the exit strategy {for Syria}? Another---What will you {Obama} do to prevent civilian casualties? I'm sure you understand the implications of those questions.
  • I bring up those two posts because---like many Americans---I believe most of Mr. Obama's rhetoric remains hollow when it comes to fighting terrorism. On multiple occasions, we've watched Mr. Obama trip over his own rhetoric  (a polite phrase for: his first impulse is to lie). We've also witnessed a president who has a long history of poor judgement. In fact, Peggy Noonan listed a host of examples from Obamacare's lies  to Libya to Obama's  drawing and then erasing his red line against Syria two years ago to his statement about lacking a strategy in the war against ISIS. All of these actions leave many Americans confused and insecure. I believe one can add Obama's speech to the UN this week as both weak and poor judgement in many respects. While he correctly attacked Russia for its actions against the Ukraine and the threats from ISIS and al-Qaeda, he failed to even talk about Iran's continued intentions to possess nukes. Instead he invoked Ferguson to show America has ethnic problems too. WTF?  First of all, the UN is not the place for expressing those views on an internal incident. In addition, 90% of those UN attendees had no idea what he was talking about. And 50% of those are representatives from dictatorships. What happened in Ferguson pales in comparison to what many of those countries do to their own people.
  • Peeling all of this rhetoric back, the only outcome that counts will be whether Mr. Obama keeps his commitment to destroying ISIS and their ilk. We don't want to hear any more statements about "managing" the threat. Americans want to make sure Obama finishes the job of hunting these maniacs down and killing them---all of them.
As I write this, the media is reporting that ISIS may be targeting the subways systems of NYC and Paris. Yesterday, I knew something was up. As I walked through 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, I noticed several cops with automatic rifles in hand and standing watch. American intelligence denies any threat of this kind at this time.

Also, Eric Holder will be resigning. One of my favorite tweeters, David Burge, wrote this right after the announcement: Congrats to Eric Holder for making John Mitchell look like Mahatma Gandhi.