Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That Bubble Wrap The Media Covered Obama In?---It's Popping

The White House intruder made it all the way into the East Room, which technically means he spent more time in the WH in Sept Than Obama...WH Press Secretary

  • Most of us watched children play with bubble wrap. They like the sound of the wrap popping. After a few minutes, the popping stops and the children move on to something else. They've lost interest. The wrap's bubbles have all burst. It's no longer fun to play with. The bubble wrap is now useless. It's not longer functional.
  • On several occasions, I've written pieces about the media's cloaking of Obama in bubble wrap. (They've done the same with Hillary Clinton over the years). But in recent months, we've heard popping coming from that bubble wrap. The last pop just might have been the threat we're facing from ISIS. Even his complicit media popped some of those bubbles themselves.
  • Pres. Obama finally answered that 3 a.m. phone call only to find out he was too late to the dance. By all accounts from some in the media, we're finding out that Mr. Obama hasn't attended 60% of his intelligence briefings (Don't be surprised if he played more rounds of golf). In fact, Pentagon officials reported that the president was forewarned about ISIS over a year ago. They said he was fully brief about the threat.  And yet, on 60 Minutes this past weekend, Obama blamed the intelligence community for the the ISIS "surprise."
  • But even more disturbing is the news that al-Qaeda is not "on the run" or "decimated" as Pres. Obama proclaimed on many occasions---especially prior to the last presidential election. In fact, many terrorist groups have actually been given safe havens in the very Arab countries the president said is part of the coalition against ISIS.
  • It's so absurd; one is inclined to put this information in the "WTF?" file. For example, Qatar has long been the headquarters for Hamas. For many years, it was also the home base for the Taliban (the very group Pakistan gave comfort). The Saudis have long supported Wahhabi organizations---long known to recruit Islamist. And Turkey? No different. While we've had American bases in Turkey for years, the country has been known as a recruiting region for Islamist.
  • This week Bibi Netanyahu, PM of Israel, said the things at the UN that Obama should have said to them last week.  While Pres. Obama failed to mention the threat coming from Iran, Bibi made it clear that a nuclear Iran would be more dangerous than even the threat coming from ISIS. He reminded everyone, "To defeat ISIS and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power is to win the battle but lose the war." He added, "Together we must recognize the dangers of radical Islam." In other words, like George W. Bush and others at the time, Bibi correctly and precisely diagnosed the threats facing Western civilization from Islamist. 
  • So we're left with just one question: Is Obama finally paying attention? It's an important question because we're not hearing that popping sound anymore.