Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"We'll Need A Lot Of Sunshine To Disinfect This Rot" In The Obama Administration

Secret Service Chief: "This is unacceptable and I take full responsibility." Translation: "LOL. You can't fire me." David Burge Tweet

  • Almost two years ago, Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote, "We'll need a lot of sunshine to disinfect this rot." He was referring to all the scandals surrounding the Obama administration. At the time,  Obamacare, Benghazi and the IRS scandals were making headlines.
  • Since Goodwin wrote that piece, much has changed---for the worse. Under this administration, almost all of our formally highly regarded institutions have exhibited what I've referred to in the past as "trickle down incompetence."
  • Take the most recent example. I grew up holding the Secret Service in high regard. Most Americans did.  While they have one of the hardest, important  and most dangerous jobs in the world, recent reports appear to indicate even they are engulfed in conspicuous incompetence. Two years ago, at least eight Secret Service agents were fired for allegedly soliciting prostitutes while on the job in Columbia. Not long ago, three agents were sent home while on duty in the Netherlands. They were found to be drunk before the president's arrival. Two weeks ago, the guy that broke into the White House was actually able to see more of the White House than most tourist get to see. He was only stopped by an off-duty agent. And don't forget that lunatic fake sign language guy who was able to stand right next to Pres. Obama at Mandela's funeral service last year.
  • But it doesn't stop with the Secret Service. We've seen this trickle-down incompetence exhibited by the White House (a list much too long to summarize here), by Congress, by the State Department, by Health and Human Services (Obamacare), by the Treasury (the IRS scandal), by the Pentagon and DOJ (where we've witnessed political correctness running amok as highlighted by the treatment of the Ft. Hood shooter case) and by the handling of immigrants entering the country illegally. Just as disturbing, our foreign policy is a mess as our intelligence services bicker with the Obama administration over ISIS and who was told when. (Thank God, we still have a military that does an outstanding job).
  • And while I believe it's absurd to blame Obama, we now have the first Ebola diagnosis in the United States. 
  • Nevertheless, these events and more leave most Americans distrusting this government. Most polls substantiate this claim. In addition,  the total lack of transparency and accountability has been breathtaking. And the main stream media---the people who are suppose to hold the government accountable, the people who are suppose to be the guardians of freedom and liberty---failed miserably in doing their job.
  • Unfortunately,  it appears we have to wait at least another two years before we can open the drapes to let the sunshine in.