Thursday, October 2, 2014

Americans Are Being Held Hostage By Obama's Transformational Chaos

U.S. Assures Hong Kong  That Their Protests Just One Of Many Issues White House Staying Silent On...The Onion

"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Pres. Obama made that statement in October of 2008. It was one of only a few promises he's kept. Unfortunately---with the exception of a few remaining diehards---most Americans did not expect this type of transformation. And while Obama cannot be blamed for all the ills and chaos pervasive throughout the geo-political world, we are experiencing the consequences of the policies he's shaped in the last six years. Or to put it more bluntly---it appears trickle-down incompetence is not only the rule for this administration but it's also acceptable.

We now have a Secret Service scandal appearing  on the heels of one scandal after another beginning with Fast and Furious, highlighted by Benghazi and now topped off with the ISIS surge. Keep in mind, this is an administration that refused to even acknowledge the threat coming from ISIS even after being alerted to the threat by its own intelligence services. 

Perhaps shortly, we might even witness a scandal associated with the recent Ebola outbreak in the United States. I certainly hope not. But one thing behavioral psychology taught me was that future behavior can be predicted by past behavior.

For example, The American Thinker pointed out today there are at least 14 questions that will never be asked about Ebola. Two of those questions include the following:
  • Why doesn't the U.S. have a mandatory quarantine period of 28 days before allowing any traveler who has visited W. Africa in the last 90 days? I can answer that question for the readers of the American Thinker. In April of 2010, USA Today reported the following: "The Obama administration quietly scrapped plans to enact sweeping new quarantine regulations that the CDC touted four years ago as critical to protecting Americans from dangerous diseases spread by travelers."
  • When will the State Department cancel the 13,500 visitors visas from the three W. African countries that currently have Ebola epidemics? I would venture to say the reasons are both couched in politics and political correctness.
And while the flu kills thousands each year in this country alone, those two questions and more imply that there are some common sense tactics we can use in managing this dangerous disease. After all, during this time of year, we are all repeatedly reminded to get flu shots.

But when you have an administration that views everything through the lens of political correctness, so-called tolerance, religion, race, class and gender, we become hostage to a warped transformation. 

The NY Post editorial summed all of this up best in my opinion: "Will the Obama folks ever learn? To head off a threat, you've got to be willing to acknowledge it first."