Friday, October 3, 2014

Just When You Thought Progressives Couldn't Surprise You Anymore---There's This

Beheadings, caliphates, shit-borne death plagues. We've passed the fall of Rome straight to the Dark Ages...David Burge tweet

I normally don't post on a Friday. It's not a good day to bum people out with a weekend around the corner. But today had to be an exception. Regular readers know I warned New Yorkers about electing a progressive (Marx sympathizer) for mayor of the city. In fact, I predicted NYC would plunge into progressive hell once again. It didn't take long. Subsequently, I listed several examples in a previous post. One involved De Blasio supporting a hard-left progressive to become head of City Council. He put his support behind a individual who supported five Cuban intelligence agents who spied on the U.S. She also lobbied for the release of the leader of the FLN, a Puerto Rican domestic terrorist group. She's now NYC Council Speaker. De Blasio himself got married in Cuba. But there's more:
  • This week the Speaker proposed illegal immigrants charged with violent crimes should NOT be handed over to immigration officials. 
  • De Blasio also hired his wife---NYC's First Lady---to a city position at a salary of $170k per year.
  • It was reported last week that the First Lady's Chief of Staff, Rachel Noerdinger, lives with a guy who was convicted of manslaughter and posted anti-police rants on his Facebook page. Ms. Noerdinger also makes $170k per year.
  • But wait, it doesn't end there. Prior to being appointed aid to the First Lady of NYC, she was a mouthpiece for non other than the fake, phony, race-baiting for dollars fraud---Al Sharpton. The NY Post reported she serves as Sharpton's eyes and ears in City Hall.
  • And if that's not enough, this should make your head explode. This week there was a birthday bash for Al Sharpton. He was celebrated on his 60th. Who celebrated this fraud? None other than Mayor de Blasio and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  The NY Post  noted that Sharpton and his organization---the National Action Network---still owe the feds just over $800,000 in back taxes. The Post also reported one of the main reasons for this birthday bash was to help Sharpton's organization with donations to help bail him out of those past tax liabilities.  Sharpton's fundraiser reported they received over $1M in donations.
Keep in mind, these are the same progressives who lecture everyone else about income inequality. In fact, Mayor de Blasio ran on that issue. But all they really do is flip us the bird. That's the state of the progressive political class in America today.

Oh, one more item before I forget. Pres. Obama has been a featured speaker at Sharpton's annual National Action Network conventions, including one earlier this year.


Since this was posted, the NY Post and other publications reported Rachel Noerdinger owed almost $30 grand in 2011 federal tax liens. She also allowed her boyfriend to drive her car. He was unlicensed. In many of these, she allegedly neglected to disclose the information on her application for employment. In addition, she was cleared of much of this by the head of the Mayor's Department of Investigation---a guy who used to be Mayor de Blasio's chief fundraiser.