Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How Will Obama's Media Cover Obama's War?

The obsolete phrase of the day is "illegal war." David Burge Tweet

Most mornings, I walk to the neighborhood diner for my breakfast pick-me-up and newspaper (Yep, hard to give up the hard copy). When I started my walk, I was surprised that I didn't see thousands of anti-war protesters lining the streets proclaiming, "Get us out of Syria" or "Syria is an illegal war." 

And that started me thinking (yet again). How will Obama's media cover Obama's war?

Before I begin, I want to make it clear I support our attacking ISIS and its affiliates in Syria. To paraphrase Robert Duval's character in "Apocalypse Now"---there's nothing better than smelling the heads of terrorists exploding in the morning. 

So let's turn to the media for a moment. Will they be asking some of the following question of Pres. Obama?

  • What is your exit plan? (no war has "exit" plans unless Bush for them).
  • Pres.Bush had a coalition of over 40 countries, we have five at this moment---all Arab states. Why?
  • How much will this war costs considering we have a massive debt? (if "debt" even comes up).
  • By bombing Syria, will we be creating more terrorists?
  • By bombing Syria, will we be upsetting the entire region?
  • With the elections coming up in less than 2 months---is this attack on Syria political?
  • What will you do to prevent civilian casualties?
  • Are you duping America into another war?
  • Aren't we bombing Syria for oil?
  • Are the Koch brothers behind this?
  • Did you bomb Syria because of your crumbling poll numbers?
Considering---as Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote last week---politics is now masquerading as journalism, I'm just askin'.