Monday, September 22, 2014

The Face Of The Climate Change Hypocrites

Report: Only Way Nation Will Pay Attention To Climate Change Is If Julia Roberts Dies In Hurricane...The Onion

                                                           For how long? One Minute

I'm not going to spend any time on climate change (formally called "Global Warming" unfortunately "global warming" lost its allure when most of the nation was covered in record snow fall, ice and cold weather last winter. In addition, the globe has warmed and cooled on countless occasions prior to any humans living on the planet---even prior to their driving gas, guzzling, bad ass flamethrowers). 

No, the purpose of this post is to just show the faces of the climate change hypocrites (formally called "Global Warming" but I repeat myself). And while Hollywood and D.C. appear to be ground zero for many of these fake, phonies and frauds, the fact is almost everyone who proclaims global warming is a real threat appears to be misguided (now called "Climate Change" because...well, you know that already).

And I want to make it clear, I don't resent the fact that most of the few listed below are super-rich. God bless 'em (especially DiCaprio---who happens to always be surrounded by some beautiful babes). The fact is these two-faced hypocrites always lecture the rest of us on how we should live our lives. It's time to take them to task for their conspicuous phoniness. 

  • The award for the "king" of hypocrisy is none other than Al Gore. When Al Gore was was grooming himself as the savior of the planet, it was reported one of his homes used more than 12 times the amount of energy as the average typical home. Even the folks at Fact.Check reported, "The Gore house back in the day was an energy gobbler." I can also assure you, Al Gore does not fly coach.

  • Michael Moore, who made a career out of trying to impress upon others he was an "every man," owns 9 homes according to his divorce papers as reported by the Detroit News several months ago.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio has been appointed the leader of the climate change movement.  In fact, he joined in the Climate Change March this past weekend. This is the same guy who partied on a $400 million yacht just to watch the World Cup. He does a lot of that. In fact, like many of these hypocrites, he flies in private aircraft. They burn about a gallon of fuel each minute. Oh, and these super yachts?---only about $500 of fuel each 10 minutes. When DeCaprio was asked about his yachts at the March yesterday, he suddenly lost his hearing.

  • Several years ago, Sheryl Crow advised all of us to use only one square of toilet tissue during our bathroom breaks. She, like many other rockers, tours with several tractor trailers, buses and other vehicles. 
These a just a few examples of many folks who keep telling us just to eat the cake.