Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Republicans: Still Remain An Illusion, A Mirage And More Disturbing: Spineless Cowards

Republicans Stalling Obama's Agenda By Speaking, Moving In Slow Motion...The Onion

In the past five years or more, I've asserted the Republican Party remains a spineless and feckless party of chumps. Conservatives like myself know this. But do Republicans? Also, those readers who read my work on a regular basis know I take on progressives---from both parties.

In November of 2010, Republicans took back the House. In November of 2014, they won both the House and Senate for the first time in eight years. By all accounts, it was a landslide. At the time, I even wrote a piece asking: "Do Republicans Know They Won A Landslide Election?" But if we conservatives look around at the current political environment, the answer to that question appears to be an unqualified NO!

Oh! On occasion, John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, will grasp a microphone and at least appear to be somewhat angry and upset at the latest Obama administration clusterf*ck. But Boehner always reminds me of that guy in the bar who needs to take a few stiff drinks to get up any courage. And when he does, he staggers off the stool, yells at someone for a moment and goes back to throw back more Jacks.

We know conservative principles win elections. A casual political observer doesn't even have to go as far back as the great Ronald Reagan to see that. Gov. Scott Walker comes immediately to mind holding back a progressive onslaught three times in a row. But today, Republicans are stuck with the spineless leadership of both  Boehner and Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader. He replaced that nutty little man, Harry Reid. 

Keep in mind, this is the same Republican Party that lost an election in 2012 to an incumbent who had a disastrous first term record as president. This is the same Republican Party who proclaimed they will end Obamacare. We still have Obamacare. This is the same Republican Party who allows its opposition to run roughshod over them when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration. This is the same Republican Party who promised to roll back many of the Obama administration's warped policies. It hasn't. In other words, it's a Republican Party that lacks any leaders with guts, determination and leadership. They're wimps and chumps. And, as a conservative, I have very little confidence they can---or even have the will---to try to save this Republic.

Once again, their behavior reminds me of a quote by David Burge last year when he wrote: "The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing me I had quarters in my ears or maybe that was grandpa."