Monday, June 8, 2015

I'll See Your Indifference As You Raise Your Detachment & Cowardice

President Obama and the G-7 leaders will now control the planet's temperature. The decision was made right after the Bavarian beer breakfast...WH Press Secretary

Unless you watched the news closely, you might have missed some reports that prove---beyond a doubt---we're plunging into hell.

  • It was about a year ago when Pres. Obama announced he still did not have a strategy to deal with ISIS. At this week's G-7 Summit in Germany, he admitted he still does not have a strategy. But, fear not, he and the other G-7 nitwits pledged to take decisive action on climate change. In their warped minds, it makes sense considering climate change has so much to do with terrorists beheading innocents, crucifying children, brutalizing women and throwing gays off rooftops.
  • But all of this insanity is not specific to the way Obama and other world "leaders" view global events. For example, as referenced above, where are the feminists as women in the Islamic world are gang raped, sexually mutilated, tortured and murdered? Where are the feminists as Islamist thugs like Boko Haram kidnap and sell young women (in one case, a young woman was sold 22 times to different men)? Where are the gay activists as gay men and women are murdered daily in Islamist strongholds? Where are the voices of the so-called human rights advocates as a Christian holocaust and genocide is taking place at this very moment? In fact, where are the human rights advocates as many Muslims are slaughtered by other Muslims? 
  • Instead we witness gay activists turning their attention toward bakeries that refuse to bake wedding cakes for same-sex weddings. Instead the presstitutes in the media consume valuable air-time focusing on a man who wants us to believe he's now a woman. In fact, they've even proclaimed him to be a hero. They've even managed to diminish true heroism. (Refer to my previous post: "Clinton and Jenner Appeal To Those Who Should Still Be Living In Trees."). Instead we see political correctness trumping common sense, compassion, empathy and decency. 
  • Instead of targeting terrorism, the progressive political class and their enablers in the media attack genuine heroes like Pamela Geller. According to them, Geller was not the victim but the terrorists were. 
  • In Fergusen and other cities and towns, we've witnessed the media and the progressive political class perpetuate myths---myths that have consequences including attacking, shooting and the murder of police officers. And the absurdity knows no bounds as those who caused much of the damage in businesses and property are now demanding local and federal assistance to help rebuild those very same areas. We watched as the media, human rights activists and the progressive political class turned a blind eye to the horror taking place in many of our cities. Last month, Baltimore recorded 43 killings--their deadliest month in 40 years. Other major cities have also experienced significant spikes in crime. And Al Sharpton is nowhere in sight.
Last February I penned a piece entitled, "Never Again Transformed Into Over And Over Again." Unfortunately, it appears the 21st Century is not too different from the 20th. Promises made 70 years ago continue to be broken. Sadly and regrettably, it's our own government (and many others) who continue to break those promises.

Hey, someone had to say it.