Thursday, June 4, 2015

Clinton & Jenner Appeal To Those Who Should Still Be Living In Trees

Bruce Jenner's a women: Media invents nonsense to call us bigots...John Nolte Tweet

I'm a Boomer. There was a time when I was in awe of Bruce Jenner. I held him in high regard. He won the 1976 Olympic decathlon earning the respect and well-deserved honor as the "World's Greatest Athlete" At the time, I used to work out several hours a day myself. I looked up to him with great pride and admiration. His achievement instilled in me the will to keep in shape, something I try doing to this day even on the back-side of my life. Yet, through all of those hours of sweat and pain, I knew I could never be Bruce Jenner. Just as a child calling myself Superman didn't make me Superman.

And I really don't care what sex Jenner says he is. If, in his mind, he believes he's now a woman; then so be it. I sincerely hope he finds happiness. But the fact is, he's still a man. This is not my opinion. It's a biological fact. It's pure nonsense to believe otherwise. And he's certainly no hero for proclaiming his conversion even though the popular culture wants us to believe he's a woman. In fact, he's not even close to the first transgender celebrity. Christine Jorgensen was the first person in the U.S. to undergo gender reassignment surgery. And that was 6 decades ago. Most recently, Chaz Bono, formally Chastity Bono and child of Sonny and Cher, became a male. 

And even more disturbing, his association with the Kardasian clan makes me suspicious if there's another reason for all of this publicity---besides making tons of cash exploiting those people who should still be living in trees. Only time will tell.

And how does Hillary Clinton and others fit into this new paradigm---this "new normal?" She's just another example of the pop culture and the progressive political class trying to convince America she's actually qualified to be president of the United States even though the baggage from all her scandals wouldn't fit into the under-belly of a 767.

The fact is the popular culture and the progressive political class has managed to make many Americans look up to look down. It's all upside down. They declared Bill Clinton the "First Black President" and actually believed it---until the real first black president arrived on the scene. The absurdity continued when Newsweek declared Mr. Obama the "First Gay President" on its cover in 2012. Then just this week, Mr. Obama proclaimed he was the "closest thing to a Jew" to ever be president. I wonder what the "Rev" Wright thinks about that.

All of this reminds me of George Costanza's famous quote on Seinfeld: "It's not a lie if you believe it." Well, I don't. I'll continue to remember Bruce Jenner as the "World's Greatest MALE Athlete."