Tuesday, June 2, 2015

John F. Kerry Flies Home In A C-17 Proving He's Even A Global Warming Fraud

After learning that John Kerry broke his leg while biking, Hillary promised to deliver a $350,000 speech on bicycle safety...WH Press Secretary

While I wrote a piece about John F. Kerry yesterday; I felt compelled to alert American taxpayers of his most recent flip of the bird to the nation.

Yesterday, Kerry returned to Boston on a C-17 (image above). And while C-17's are damn good birds used for a variety of military missions---including as a MEDEVAC platform---I find it difficult for our government to justify its use to fly just one person back to the States. 

In addition to its inappropriate use (my opinion) to fly Kerry back for medical treatment, this is the same pompous ass who likened climate change (global warming) to terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. 

That left me thinking. What are the specifications of this monster aircraft?  The following is a short list:

  • Max payload: 169,000 pounds.
  • Cost per hour to operate: Approximately $23,000/hour
  • Fuel capacity: Approximately 182,000 pounds.
  • Over 200 seats depending on configuration.
  • Cargo Hold: L: 88 feet including ramp; W: 18 feet; Hgt: 12'4" forward of the wing and 13'6" aft of the wing.
  • Basic crew: 3 (However, I'm sure it also had a medical crew including some aides).
Once again, John F. Kerry adds new meaning to your progressive hypocrite types---of whom, their are many when it comes to anything having to do with the issue of global warming (Okay, climate change---feel better?) Then again, perhaps I shouldn't be that hard on Kerry. He could have used a C-5 Galaxy that burns up to $79,000 worth of fuel per hour or as a typical government bureaucrat would add:  Kerry actually saved American taxpayers money.