Monday, June 1, 2015

John Kerry Rides His Bike About As Well As He Conducts Foreign Policy

John Kerry broke his leg while biking. The attending physician said, "I get the broken bone but why the long face?" WH Press Secretary Tweet

It's difficult for me to have any sympathy for John F. Kerry after he injured himself while biking. After all, this is the guy who maligned an entire generation of Vietnam veterans as well as Iraq War veterans.

But my disdain for this guy reaches further into his apparent failures in foreign policy as well. Consider the following:

  • If you recall, after Obama's red line fiasco with Syria (he redrew red lines that are now soaked in blood), Kerry actually said our response to Syria would be "limited"and would be "unbelievably small." In other words, Syria received this message from that putz: Be prepared for the unbelievably small wrath of the U.S.
  • Then, instead of focusing on the genuine threats facing America and Western civilization, Kerry likened climate change to terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. {By the way, it's my belief that "Global Warming" was a bust for lunatics like Al Gore so it morphed into "Climate Change" to justify their hysteria}.
  • Last year, he actually said if Israel did not make concessions to the Palestinians, Israel would be considered an "apartheid state."
  • Kerry and Obama proved to be spineless in the face of Putin's aggression against the Ukraine.
  • It was the left-leaning New York Daily News that Kerry was the first Secretary of State in 20 years to get Israel and the Palestinians to agree to a cease fire.
  • And if you recall, it was Kerry who demeaned America's conspicuous exceptionalism. He actually said he gets a little "uptight" when he hears politicians say how exceptional we are.
  • Even now, Iran is running circles around Kerry and Mr. Obama. Iran has publicly rejected all of the "concessions" that Kerry had initially claimed he had obtained from Iran.
  • And mind you, Putin continues to flip Kerry the bird.
  • And let's not forget this flashback gem from the then Sen. John F. Kerry: "Without question, we need to disarm Saddam Hussein...The threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is very real."
Rich Lowry summarized Kerry's tenure best: "So far, Kerry's tenure as secretary of state is making Hillary Clinton's undistinguished stint look impressive by comparison." And it's also clear, the putz can't even ride a bike.
Postscript: And then there's the Iran Deal---his and Obama's biggest blunder yet. And yesterday, Iran detained our U.S. Navy sailors.