Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Is Mr. Obama's Behavior A Mental Health Issue, An Issue Of Misplaced Priorities Or Incompetence?

The president still does not have a strategy to fight ISIS. The time designated to create that plan was spent on March Madness brackets...WH Press Secretary

Over the last 7 years, I and others have questioned Mr. Obama's competence as well as his warped ideology (progressivism). The following examples come to immediately to mind:

  • Just last week, he said he was the closest thing to a Jew that ever sat in the Oval office. Consider his administration treated Israel and Netanjahu with disdain, most rational Americans know that's absurd, but does he?
  • Mr. Obama also said he made America the most respected country on earth. Unfortunately, he failed to consult with most of Europe, Asia and the Middle East before he made that ludicrous remark.
  • He and others in his administration proclaimed they are the most transparent administration in history. This one even has many in the media rolling their eyes. Just a week or so ago, I pointed out that Obama was given an award in 2011 for transparency behind closed doors. Even the Washington Post found it ironic that the monthly meetings of the Transparency Board were closed to the press.
  • In the roll out of Obamacare, the president famously said if you like your doctor; you can keep your doctor. Unfortunately for Obama, Jonathan Gruber---an ObamaCare architect--admitted, "the lack of transparency is a huge political advantage" in getting the law passed.
  • At the G-7 Summit in Germany this week, he doubled down on ObamaCare declaring all is well with the law. Last October, The Hill reported why only 25% of physicians gave it a passing grade. Physicians, by a 2-1 margin, disapproved of ObamaCare (20,000 were surveyed). This past May, Fox News reported that almost half of the exchanges are failing.
  • Last year, he treated the Bergdahl family to a WH Rose Garden presser knowing that Bergdahl deserted his unit. We later learned 5 Taliban prisoners were exchanged for Bergdahl. 
  • In the last two years since Chris Kyle was killed, his widow said she's never heard a word from Obama or the administration.
  • This week he admitted he has no strategy in defeating ISIS. He said the same thing one year ago. Say what? Imagine if FDR had said the same thing about the Japanese one year after they attacked Pearl Harbor. 
  • It was less than a year ago when Mr. Obama called ISIS a JV team.
  • Obama draws red lines only to be erased and then replaced with red lines drenched in blood.
  • His administration targets income inequality as the middle class shrinks and poverty rates are at historical levels.
  • This is a president who sent representatives to the funerals of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown but not to the funerals of Chris Kyle, Margaret Thatcher or James Foley, the journalist beheaded by ISIS.
  • And who can forget Obama taking smiling selfies at Nelson Mandela's funeral service.
I'm not a psychologist but, on occasion,  I do don my old behaviorist hat. I can't help but ponder the callousness of this man. Even more disturbing, his impulse to initially reach for a lie---to deceive the American people.

The headline to this piece asks: Is Obama's behavior a mental health issue, an issue of misplaced priorities or incompetence? I'm starting to believe it might be all three.