Friday, June 12, 2015

Progressives Continue To Dishonor & Insult The Memory Of Victims Of Terrorism

Maybe We Should Try Coddling The Terrorist...The Onion

When  Bill de Blasio was elected mayor of NYC, I wrote several pieces predicting NYC would plunge into progressive hell. I also maintained---from the moment he took office---NYC would end up being another petri dish for progressive policies.

My prediction wasn't bold by any means. One simply has to look around the country to see what's occurring in cities where progressives have been in charge for decades. But NYC has always had one big difference: the city has been a haven for people who are well-healed financially. It's also been one of the world's top financial centers. That kind of wealth buffers the city from many of the ills afflicting other metropolitan areas.

But politically it's somewhat of a different story. Even NYC isn't immune from the progressive plague. 

At the time, I warned readers to pay attention to a Melissa Mark-Viverito. She was lobbying to be Speaker of city council. She won that seat.  I also pointed out she had a history of advocating for the release of terrorists. She once lobbied for five Cuban intelligence agents accused of spying on the United States. She also supported the release of the leader of the FALN, Puerto Rican terrorist group. From the mid-1970's until the early 10980's, the FALN was directly responsible for over 100 bomb attacks in Chicago and NYC. In one attack on Fraunces Tavern in the NYC's financial district, four people were killed and 50 were injured.

The leader of the FALN was Lopez Rivera. He was sentenced to prison for 55 years for his involvement in 28 Chicago-area bombings. He also had an additional 15 years tacked on to his sentence for his involvement in a plot to break out of prison.

So why am I bringing this up now?  Because that petri dish is overflowing with nasty bacteria in NYC. On the advice of Ms. Viverito, NYC Council passed a resolution this week urging Pres. Obama to grant clemency to the murdering thug, Lopez Rivera. This is also the same thug who turned down clemency from Bill Clinton---because the deal would have required this piece of dirt to renounced political violence---something Rivera refused to do. (Over a dozen other FALN members agreed to Clinton's terms and were released.)

The actions of the progressive political class in NYC continue to dishonor and insult the memory of victims of terrorism. Considering NYC was ground-zero for one of the most vicious attacks upon America on 9/11---we should not only question their judgement but also their sanity.