Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If You Believe Either Iran Or The Obama Administration, Your MH Facility Day Pass Is Hereby Revoked

In a late night phone call, Castro and the Ayatollah actually never spoke. They couldn't stop giggling...WH Press Secretary Tweet 

Let's get one issue off the table right now. The criticism of the Iran deal will largely fall upon partisan grounds. The specifics of the deal will play out over the next few days and even weeks. But one fact is certain: we cannot believe Iran. And, as an American I'm finding it difficult and distressed to also admit: I'm pessimistic about what our own government is reporting about the deal. We'll all have to  patiently await for credible sources of confirmation regarding this deal.

So what are we to believe? Who are we to believe? As a trained behaviorist, I can assure you the best way to predict future behavior is to review past behavior. So let's take a moment to  review Iran's past behavior:
  • We know Iran has a long history of lying about everything when it comes to their nuclear program.
  • We know it's a terrorist regime supporting terrorist groups throughout the globe. For example, Iran has a long history of supporting Hezbollah the very group of terrorists that blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 killing 241 Americans and 58 French peacekeepers. They've also fired hundreds of rockets into Israel. In fact, Iran and/or their proxies has been behind countless others bombings throughout the Middle East.
  • We know Iranian proxies killed over 1000 American troops in Iraq. In fact, anytime you watch an ad by the Wounded Warriors on TV, know that many of our troops and veterans featured were injured by Iranian made IED's.
  • We know that have ties to Al-Qaeda. We also know Iran provided arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan.
In short, Iran has always been a sponsor of international terrorism. That's an undeniable fact.

We know the Obama administration has a problem with telling the American people the truth as well. Moreover, we also know anytime Obama draws red lines, those red lines eventually become soaked in blood. We've seen that behavior played out in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria and a host of other countries. In addition, J.F.Kerry was the lead negotiator for the U.S. That fact alone should scare the living crap out of every American.

One more important point. Recall what Bill Clinton said regarding North Korea's nuclear program in 1994. At the time, he said, "North Korea will freeze and dismantle its nuclear program." Since Clinton made that statement, North Korea now has a nuclear program including hundreds of ballistic missiles.  

So, once again, I ask: What are we to believe? Just as important, who are we to believe?