Monday, July 13, 2015

Scott Walker: A Quiet Gunslinger On His Harley Not A Bystander

Mounted head in Walker's trophy room speaks up....David Burge---"My full statement on Walker's upcoming announcement that he's running for president-'Scott Walker is a national disgrace.''' David Burge including a Tweet from union leader Richard Trumpka.

Last February I wrote a piece entitled, "America Needs A Gunslinger As President Not A Bystander." And while I have yet to endorse anyone,  I contend that Scott Walker has proven to be a gunslinger and a damn good governor.

Walker walked through progressive hell successfully evading recall efforts by Wisconsin's labor unions as well as vicious attacks from the left (as he's getting again today since his formal announcement). And during all the time, the man never flinched once unlike many Republicans today. He doesn't tip-toe through the tulips.

Walker stood by liberty. He stood by freedom to choose. He stood by the Constitution and he stood by the free enterprise system.

In addition, Hillary Clinton can't compete with Walker when it comes to accomplishments. While she has none (even her own supporters have a hard time thinking of one major Clinton accomplishment), Scott Walker has many. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • He's won 11 political races IN A ROW embracing most conservative principles.
  • When Walker took office, he was facing a budget deficit of $3.6B. He turned that into a $900M surplus. He accomplished that without raising taxes.
  • He reduced property taxes. He reduced total taxes by $2B.
  • He's been successful in an overwhelmingly political blue state.
  • When he first took office, the unemployment rate was about 8%. Today it's 4.6%.
  • And while labor unions attacked him (and still do as the Tweet from that nitwit Trumpka shows), his policies actually saved public sector jobs. 
  • He also supports Charter Schools and school choice. He's opposed to Common Core.
  • He's strong on foreign policy issues. For example, he believes in listening to generals in the field. He wants the military to be built up to take out ISIS once and for all. And he's a strong supporter of our military and veterans. He would also stand up to Putin's aggression. 
  • He wants to repeal ObamaCare.
  • On immigration, he wants to close "the back door" and enforce the laws we now have. He does endorse a path to citizenship for immigrant workers. 
  • He rides a Harley.
In the coming months, he'll lay out more of his principles and core beliefs. These, however, appear to be a good start. 

Ronald Reagan once said, "You can't be for big government, big taxes and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy." Scott Walker's track record illustrates clearly he learned that lesson well.